*The outer slider that come with the kit have square corners*


This is a very large puzzle box! It is a "casket-type" puzzle box and is the biggest available. Fifteen double-locked outer sliding panels, two separate keys and a hidden compartment in the base. One key must be used to open the lid, and if you want to go far enough, both keys must be used to release the box from the base. Thirty moves to open the lid, and a further fifteen moves to free the box from the base to reveal the hidden compartment.

Made from 1/8" unfinished plywood, the patterns are included with the instructions if you choose to use them.

Please note: this box will take a fair bit of making and testing throughout the build process. This is not one to build if you have never built a Myers Crafts puzzle box kit before. Uses about six square feet of 1/8” plywood.


Outside dimensions: 8 7/8" length, 6 1/4" width, 4 3/4" depth
Inside dimensions: 6 7/8" length, 4" width, 3 1/8" depth
Hidden compartment: 6 7/8" length, 4" width, 1/2" depth