(Etched Numerals Not in Kit)


Each side of this box has six sliders, each slider holds its own dowel in place on the inner box keeping the inner box locked into place. Each slider starts out in a middle position, the slider can be moved left or right. You set what combination you want on this box, you can make each slider move left or right, but there are four sliders that won't need to move at all! The inner box is hollow, so you can keep stuff in it.
Without the solution, and you can make your own, you may not live long enough to get the inner box out! This puzzle is made from 1/8" plywood.

Outside dimensions: 2 3/4" length, 2 3/4" width, 4 7/8" depth

Inside dimensions: 1 7/8" length, 1 7/8" width, 4 5/8" depth