This is the box that gave me the idea to start making these puzzle box kits. I started out making this one by cutting all the pieces with a scroll saw and drilling all the holes with a corded drill. It was very difficult to get all the holes perfect, and they need to be perfect! Now that it is a kit, does not make it easy, this is one of the tricky ones. I suggest trying an easier kit before tackling this one, but if you're not afraid of a challenge... There are a lot of little dowels(88 to be exact) to press in and your thumbs will get tired, but in the end, you will be left with an amazing puzzle box!

Outside dimensions: 5 3/4" length, 3 1/4" width, 3 1/2" depth

Inside dimensions: 4 1/4" length, 2 1/2" width, 2 3/8" depth