4 Sun 53 Step

This puzzle box works very similar to the traditional Japanese puzzle box, in that all the moves are controlled by only two sliders, one at each end. These sliders allow the end panels to move vertically, and they in turn allow the top and bottom panels to move horizontally. Eventually, the top panel will slide off sideways. That's what normally happens... However, just when you think the lid is about to come off, the box appears to lock up. Strangely, the only way to get the lid off, is to start closing the box again...but just when you think the lid is ready to come off, the box locks again! Because you've taken the wrong path. Takes 53 moves to open.

Outside dimensions: 5" length, 3 1/2" width, 2 1/2" depth

Inside dimensions: 3 1/2" length, 3 1/4" width, 1 3/8" depth