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Puzzle box kits

  • Birch Plywood
  • Any type of wood glue works
  • Get some sandpaper
  • Lost or Missing pieces?
  • Glued wrong. now Damaged?
  • email:support@myerscraft.com

Have questions?

  • Seriously get some sandpaper
  • Maybe some clamps too
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Just Add Glue

Build your very own puzzle box without any major woodworking tools!

PLEASE NOTE: Myers Crafts did not design these wooden puzzle boxes. These decorative boxes were designed by Bruce Viney; Myers Crafts has partnered with Bruce to simply provide the service to their customers for making puzzle boxes on their own without any major tools by pre-cutting Bruce's boxes. Myers Crafts will include the instructions to build the boxes via email after purchase to the email address associated with the Pay-Pal account. If you would like the instructions to be sent to a different email address please note it with your order or send us an email with your order information and your preferred email. Awesome secret boxes, Chinese puzzle boxes that can be made by almost anyone.